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Zipline tours

Several Spots To Enjoy This Amazing Activity! Hiking, Wall Climbing, And Line-Walking Included For A Full Experience!

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🗓️: All the year.  🕐: All Day.
🙋‍♂️: All ages. ✅: Family
🗿: Cultural ⭐: 9/10
                  🗓️: All the year.                        🕐: 4 hours.                    🤯: attention for everything you need.
🙋‍♂️: +7 yeas old. ✅: The whole family. 🫵: Experience for you.
: Easy. ⭐: 9/10 🪧: Just one experience for day.

Live the adventure and feel the adrenaline of  a zipline ride

Get your heart racing with an exhilarating zipline ride.

The tour has trained and certified guides, climbing equipment PETZL No # 1 in the world, double reinforced steel cable and concrete platforms and a insurace to make sure you have a safe ride.

It also has a lot of facilities and comodities like restrooms for women and men, waiting area and parking space, lockers available, wet towels after the our, disposable caps for hygiene and biligual staff

Tour schedule: 09:00 | 12:00 | 15:00 | 

Additional services with extra charge:

  • Professional photography.
  • Restaurant-bar with canyon view.
  • Souvenirs available for sale.

Requirements for the tour:

  • The maximum weight limit for the zip-lines is 265 lbs or 120 kg.
  • The maximum weight for rappelling is 220lbs or 100kg.
  • The minimum weight for the rappel is 100 lbs or 45kg.
  • The maximum weight for the Tarzan swing is 100 lbs or 45 kg.
  • minimum age is 7 years.
  • You must be in good health and not under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.
  • your safety Pregnant women can not participate in the tour.
  • If you have a recent knee or back surgery this activity is not recommended.
CABO DIMOND-los cabos-extreme, sport, nature-1355949.jpg-destination


    ✅ 7 Ziplines

    ✅ Suspension bridge

    ✅ Purified water

    ✅ Damiana licor tour & tasting



    ✅ Photographs

    ✅ Souvenirs

we recommend you take: 


⭐Eat a good breakfast


⭐Sneakers and comfortable clothing


Frequent questions

Yes, swimming with dolphins is completely safe. Our expert guides are trained to ensure that visitors are safe at all times during the activity.

Yes, you need to know how to swim to participate in the dolphin swim activity. However, we offer options for non-swimmers who wish to participate in the activity, such as dolphin watching from a platform.

Yes, young children can participate in the dolphin swim activity as long as they are accompanied by an adult and know how to swim.

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